Iceland - Wayne's Photos

I found this to be a difficult gallery to put together - not for lack of pictures, but for the difficulty of choosing which ones to include. Of the places visited on this trip, Iceland is the one place I want to go back to so  I wanted to provide a sense of why I feel that way. But the landscape often looks bleak and uninteresting. Yet I found the country fascinating because of, or in spite of that.

We were told that any trees we saw were planted or reproduced from trees that were planted. We were told that there are no fossils in Iceland and that there is no heavy layer of topsoil. The reason for this is that Iceland, geologically speaking, is too young to have fossils and the lava fields have not had time to break down into soil. As a result, the landscape is very different from what we had seen elsewhere and therein lies my interest.

So the things that we saw in this land settled by the Vikings were not what we had seen in Europe or North America. I do want to return - we had a very short several days and saw only a bit of the southern area of the country.

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