Stockholm Sweden - Wayne's Photos

One of the highlights of Stockholm was the  Vasa Museum and most of the photos in this gallery are from that museum. The Vasa was a war ship built  in 1628 and was considered to be a marvel of ship building technology in its time. It had 2 gun decks and 64 cannons and carried 300 men. However, on its maiden voyage, after sailing 1300 metres, it sank. It is believed that with the 2 gun decks, it was top heavy and the ballast was both insufficient and improperly distributed. About 30 people drowned when it sank.

What makes this story more interesting is that it sat on the bottom of the harbour for over 300 years before being raised in 1961. The photos below show how well preserved it was after all that time. It is believed that the cold water and the mud are largely responsible for its remarkable condition. The technology for preserving artifacts like this that had been under water for so long was not available so great care was taken to try to ensure that it would not disintegrate when it was raised. For 10 years after it was raised, water was continually sprayed on it to make sure the wood would not dry out and fall apart. Then for another 17 years it was sprayed with polyethylene glycol which slowly replaced the water in the wood and stabilized it.

Due to the fragile nature of the relic, the light is kept very low in the museum making photography difficult as you will notice in the photos. Combined with the low light is the shear size of the boat, again, making it difficult to get good photos to depict it.

The other photos in the gallery were taken in Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm. Narrow streets and cobble stone indicative of most medieval towns are clearly visible but  this is also a popular and vibrant shopping area.

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