Peterhof Palace (Russia) - Wayne's Photos

Inspired by Peter the Great's visit to Versailles, Peterhof Palace is every bit as opulent as the Catherine Palace but photos were not permitted inside, so I was limited to taking pictures of the gardens. In fact, we were quite short of time so we were only able to explore a bit of the Lower Garden. Peter the Great's palaces and gardens occupy about 1000 hectares (2500 acres). The Lower Garden is 256 acres in size.

The fountains of Peterhof are are one of the greatest attractions in Russia. In all, there are 173 fountains and 3 cascades. We saw a few of the fountains and the Great Cascade. There are no mechanical pumps used in the fountains. The water comes from a gravity fed system 14 miles long using the natural slope of the land from the Ropsha springs to the sea. There is enough water to operate the fountains for about 10 hours a day from May to mid-October.

The Great Cascade (most of the pictures in this gallery) has 64 fountains and more than 250 statues and reliefs.

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