Baltic Cruise - Wayne's Photos

We left Thunder Bay on June 24 and returned July16, 2015. This was a cruise we had been looking forward to for a long time. It turned out  to be a very interesting trip but photographically, there were some challenges. Although I took about 1200 pictures, you will be happy to note that what is presented in these galleries is a very small percentage of them. Much of our time at each stop was spent in buses which meant poor quality pictures taken through bus windows. To the greatest extent I have avoided posting those. When we were not on buses, we often had limited time to wander and take pictures.

So what I have posted here are the things I found most interesting and photos which I felt were of reasonable quality. You may also deduce that I have a "thing" about buildings. If so, your deductions are true. When traveling, I get caught up looking at and photographing buildings. The variety of styles and features found in different countries and cities are a source of wonder to me.

Finally, there are two places not included in this set. We stopped at a second Danish city, Allborg which was interesting and which we actually had time to wander around in. I will likely add some pictures from there later. Also, as many of you know, we visited Iceland for a few days. I will be posting a gallery from there soon.

Here is a link to a short video that provides more information about the Vasa, as pictured in the Stockholm gallery.

The Vasa

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